Top Longevity Strategies for 2022

The new science of 2022 has us considering how to improve our ability to look and feel better today and every day. There are many advanced therapies being studied now more than ever but here we are going back to the basics to evaluate some of the most important longevity and anti-aging strategies. Our partner site, the Longevity Training Academy, features courses about many of them so you can go deeper into one. Let’s dive into the list and by no means is this an exhaustive list….it is a good place to begin your longevity journey. Scroll to the bottom to watch the video: Longevity 101, Top Longevity Strategies for 2022 by Rick Diamond.

Strategy 1

Clean Eating

Strategy 2


Strategy 3


Strategy 4


Strategy 5

Intermittent Fasting

Strategy 6

Social Connectivity

Strategy 7

Sexual Health

Strategy 8

Red Light Therapy

Strategy 9

Hot and Cold Therapies

Strategy 10

Sleep & Recovery

Strategy 11

Assessments – Take inventory

Strategy 12

Brain Health

Strategy 13

Microbiome Diversity

Strategy 14

Immune Health

Strategy 15

Lifelong Learner

Watch the Longevity 101 Masterclass to review each of the strategies listed above with Rick Diamond, CEO.

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