Michael Geer

After mass consumer success building the largest dating site (Badoo) and consumer VPN (AnchorFree) in the world, Michael, motivated by seeing family members encounter tragic health outcomes, joined forces with his Co-Founder Peter Ward to collaborate with longevity scientists to bring predictive health monitoring and longevity interventions directly to consumers to increase their healthspans. Their service Humanity is currently in private testing with thousands on the waiting list to join.

As a kid, I wanted to make a positive change and move the world forward. I didn’t want to do a job that just kept the status quo. My first thought was to be an astronaut. I went to Georgia Tech university for aerospace engineering (rocket science) to get closer to that dream. I did not end up reaching that goal immediately, but looks like I’ll make it up there sooner than later. However, I think I have now found my way to truly bring humans a leap forward.

But first, let me describe how I got to this point. I learned the consumer internet industry from the ground up while helping build badoo.com in Moscow and then set up the London office, constructing Badoo piece by piece scaling from 0 to 70 million users. And then moved on to build AnchorFree from a popular single app company when I joined, to the lead global protector of the Internet with over 700 million users and hundreds of millions in yearly subscription revenue. Leveraging all those skills/experience, I have now embarked on the mission of my life by Co-founding Humanity with my close friend Peter Ward.

Humanity will let the people of the world fight aging damage that robs us of a healthy long life and countless friends and family members. Just in the last 5 years the scientific community has made incredible steps forward in our understanding of what drives loss of function in our bodies over time (aging). We will become a distributor of these solutions, feed data back into the research community and for the first time give our users a concrete feedback loop to track the effectiveness of each intervention/solution.

I believe the internet’s ability to distribute knowledge and real power can drastically improve people’s lives and work every day to make this happen.

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