Christy Thiel

Specialist in Nutrition, Anti-aging and Fasting

Christy Thiel is a Master Nutrition Therapist and specializes in endocannabinoid health and advanced supplements. Christy is the Director of Education at Seed2System and helps people and businesses understand the opportunities that are available with supplementation, lifestyle and education.

As a CBD educator and business consultant, I inspire leadership and educate medical and health professionals about the endocannabinoid system and the profound health benefits of hemp/CBD. I work with companies on stress reduction and management and how to empower employees with better mental and physical health.

√Understanding the Human “Virome” Masterclass

√Intermittent Fasting 101 Masterclass

√Guided Fasting Group Coaching Program

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Speaker Details
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Guided Fasting Group Coaching Program – Level 1
30 December 2021
9:00 am
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