Charlie Piermarini graduated from Touro University of California where he completed a dual Master’s of Science in Physician Assistant Science (MSPAS) and Public Health (MPH) in 2015. He practiced family medicine, urgent care, and then moved into pain management in Arizona.

He also is the founder and CEO of Restorative Care of Arizona, which is a patient-centric wellness clinic in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in personalized medicine and taking care of the whole patient.

Restorative CBD was founded to give patients quality products that they can trust. Working with patients over the last couple of years, I have seen first hand how CBD can really help patients. I want everyone to have access to quality hemp based CBD and the necessary education that empowers them to improve their ECS.

Practicing medicine is a privilege and patients deserve providers that can combine both Western and Eastern medical modalities. It is important to meet patients where they are at on their healing journey and allow them to be heard. Medicine needs to return to caring for the physical along with the emotional and spiritual aspects of our patients.

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