Elena Milova
Elena has been a longevity activist and advocate since 2013, when she first started to organize educational events to make new evidence-based methods of healthy life extension more popular. The last few years have seen Elena leading some successful projects in Russia, aimed at spreading the idea of healthy longevity among decision makers as well as the general public.
Tina Woods
Tina Woods is a social entrepreneur who brings diverse stakeholders together to address the system changes needed to improve health for all. She is the Founder and CEO of Collider Health and works with the private sector and public sector, including the National AHSN AI Network, NHSX AI Lab, and UK Research & Innovation on the Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.
Tim Maupin
Tim is a New York City based director, visual effects artist and Emmy award winning cinematographer. He has also worked as an editor, camera operator, and stereographer and has a variety of professional experience behind him, including working with clients such as Lexus, Motorola, CAT Footwear, Sotheby’s, Sebago, Spotify, Discovery, TLC, 3NET, and Nickelodeon.
Terry Grossman
Terry Grossman, M.D. is a pioneer in longevity medicine, world-known inspirational speaker, and writer who co-founded Ray & Terry’s Nutritional Products with Ray Kurzweil in 2004. He is presently the founder and medical director of Grossman Wellness Center in Denver, Colorado and is a member of, and board-certified by, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).
Jean Hébert
Fascinated from a young age by how a single cell forms the whole human body following an innate genetic program, Jean M. Hébert became driven by how knowledge of this process might be used to improve our biological fates and defeat aging.
Allison Duettmann
Allison Duettmann is the president of Foresight Institute. She leads the Intelligent Cooperation, Molecular Machines, Biotech & Health Extension Groups and shares Foresight’s work with the public, e.g. at the Wall Street Journal, SXSW, O’Reilly AI, WEF, The Partnership on AI, Effective Altruism Global, and TEDx. She co-edited the book Superintelligence: Coordination & Strategy and is collaborating on another book on Intelligent Voluntary Cooperation.
Sergey Young
Sergey Young is a longevity investor and visionary. His mission is to help one billion people extend their healthy lifespans by making longevity affordable and accessible for everyone.
Justin Loew
Justin Loew is a founding director of the non-profit LongeCity started in 2002, originally known as the 'Immortality Institute'. Over the years, Justin has also served as executive director, treasurer, secretary, and spokesperson. He is the host of the long-running 'LongeCity Now' podcast. When he is not working at LongeCity, he helps manage a health and wellness centre in his hometown and is a meteorologist appearing daily on WAOW-TV in Wausau, Wisconsin.
Didier Coeurnelle
Didier Coeurnelle is an active member of the European Life Extension Community. He is a funding member and co-chair of Heales, the Healthy Life Extension Society, and is a member of the board of the Association Française Transhumaniste (AFT) Technoprog. Didier is also a Board Member of the International Longevity Alliance.
Alexandra Stolzing
Alexandra has dedicated her scientific career to the understanding and development of rejuvenation biology. She holds a PhD from Humboldt University Berlin for her work on degradation of damaged proteins by aged microglia, and received her Habilitierung (Professorial Qualification) at the University of Leipzig, Germany for her thesis “Modification of aging in mesenchymal stem cells”.
Greg Grinberg
Greg Grinberg is CEO of ActualFood, which seeks to fight chronic disease by building an online grocery system that nudges consumers to make healthy choices. He is also Director of a forthcoming documentary movie on healthy life extension: Life+.
Nathan Cheng
Nathan Cheng is the Program Director of the On Deck Longevity Biotech Fellowship, General Partner at Healthspan Capital, and founder of Longevity Marketcap, the most widely read newsletter on investing in longevity biotechnology.
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