Biohacker Summit

The theme couldn’t be more timely: how to reverse aging and extend healthspan. Today 27% of the population live with multiple chronic conditions including heart disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, cancers, and neurodegenerative diseases. If you live older than 65, the number goes up to 64%.
We have all been told about “risk groups”. These risks are often made better or worse by lifestyle changes.

Poor lifestyle is the primary risk factor for all chronic diseases. For example, your likelihood of being hospitalized goes up if you are obese. Currently, in most European countries more than 60% of the population are overweight and more than 20% are obese. The number of obese people is going to increase by 50% by 2025 if we do not address nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle factors.

The objective is not to live as long as possible or to become immortal – The actual objective is to have as many healthy years in your life, meaning that the degeneration of your body or mind is not coming on the way of being able to perform and get things done.

This move from lifespan to healthspan is key for a fulfilling life.Biohacking is all about optimizing human performance, health, and wellbeing with the help of the latest science, technological interventions, top experts, and data-driven self-experiments.

– With medical treatments, we may be able to double the lifespan.
– With proper lifestyle choices, we may be able to push that envelope even further to live more than 80 years.
– With biohacking, you can push it even further to have a good chance of becoming a centenarian. – If you live long enough, you may escape the aging trajectory. The person living past 200 may already have been born.

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Event Details